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Prospector solo, 15, 16 and 17

Prospector 14 Solo


The Prospector 14 is the quintessential multi-purpose solo boat. If you prefer traditional paddling while kneeling with the boat heeled over, or sitting upright with your feet forward, the Prospector 14 can accommodate any paddling style. A high-volume hull with moderate width but ample tumblehome, it features a high weight capacity for long distance trippers but offers the performance and feel of a sleek high-efficiency design. Quick to turn and easy to control, you can take your Prospector 14 out for an afternoon of fishing or photography, or you can load it for days or weeks in the backcountry. Available with multi-height seatpods to create two canoe-style setups, or as a Pack boat with a kayak seat and footbraces, the Prospector 14 is designed to give you a multitude of options for your next wilderness adventure. 

Prospector 15 and 16


Designed with Canadian style in mind, the Prospector 15 and 16' symmetrical design means it can fill the needs of solo trippers and tandem paddlers alike. Quick and maneuverable in a solo position, and smooth and stable as a tandem, it is the ideal cottage canoe. The 15 boasts solid mid-range load capacity coupled with the versatility of a classic Canadian canoe. Built from the foundation of a hundred years of dependability, the Prospector 16 has plenty of room for gear, surprising responsiveness, and stability that will put any paddler at ease.

Prospector 17


The Prospector 17 is a favorite among both beginner and expert paddlers. With a family oriented design, it is responsive, roomy, stable, and just plain fun for paddlers who need space for gear, kids, or pets.  Capable of handling heavy loads for adventurous trippers packing lots of gear, its mid-range rocker makes it surprisingly maneuverable for its size


Laminates                   Weights

                                 Aluminum Trim

Kevlar                               42 lbs

Kevlar Fusion                   34 lbs

                                  Carbon Kevlar Trim

Expedition Kevlar             34 lbs.

Kevlar                               29 lbs

Carbon Fusion                  27 lbs.


Laminates                   Weights

                                 Aluminum Trim

Kevlar                   15' 49 lbs   16'  50 lbs

Kevlar Fusion       15' 39 lbs   16' 40  lbs

                                  Carbon Kevlar Trim

Expedition Kevlar  15' 43 lbs. 16' 44 lbs


Kevlar                    15' 36 lbs  16  37 lbs 


    Carbon Fusion       15' 33 lbs  16' 34lbs           


Laminates                   Weights

                                 Aluminum Trim

Kevlar                                54 lbs

Kevlar Fusion                    43 lbs

                                  Carbon Kevlar Trim Expedition Kevlar              47 lbs.

         Kevlar                                39 lbs           

          Carbon Fusion                   37 lbs           

Keewaydin and Kipawa

Keewaydin 16


The Keewaydin 16 is a nimble craft that has everything canoe trippers could want. With the same lowered seats and narrower paddling stations of the 17, the Keewaydin 16 is great for light weight weekend or week long adventures and spirited solo trips. With its mid-range length and weight capacity, it provides paddlers with a multi-functional tripping option.

Keewaydin 17


Refined from its original design with narrower paddling stations, a sleeker hull shape, lowered seat positions, and differential rocker, the Keewaydin 17 is a dynamic multi-purpose boat. For couples who want a fast tripping boat, or for small families in need of a lake country tripper, the Keewaydin is the perfect choice.



While the Kipawa offers unprecedented performance for experienced paddlers, it also provides a secure, big boat feeling for novices. It continues to be one of the most popular Swift canoes and is the perfect size for week-long tandem tripping. Few canoes can bring out the best in your paddling skills as well as the Kipawa.


Laminates                  Weights 


                              Aluminum Trim

Kevlar                           50 lbs

Kevlar Fusion                40 lbs

                                Carbon Kevlar Trim

Expedition Kevlar           44 lbs.

Kevlar Fusion                  37 lbs.

Carbon Fusion                34 lbs


Laminates                  Weights 

                           Aluminum Trim

Kevlar                       54 lbs.

Kevlar Fusion           44 lbs

                                 Carbon Kevlar Trim

Expedition Kevlar         47 lbs.

Kevlar Fusion               39 lbs.

Carbon Fusion             36 lbs.


  Laminates                   Weights 

                                 Aluminum Trim

Expedition Kevlar               49 lbs.

Kevlar Fusion                     42 lbs.

Carbon Fusion             not available

                                 Carbon KevlarTrim

Expedition Kevlar                45 lbs.

Kevlar Fusion                      38 lbs.

Carbon Fusion                     35 lbs.

Canoe Colours


Please note that colours shown here are represented as accurately as possible for web viewing, but not exact. 

They tend to view differently on different computer screens* 

The only way to experience TRUE colour is to visit one of our stores or dealers.

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